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Inka Palet S.L., we produce all the range of pallets existing in the market!

Inka Palet S.L. is specialised in pallet manufacturing in the packaging and logistics industry.
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Inka Palet S.L. offers the best solution in pallets, containers and packaging components for any type of shipment, forwarding or exportation and for internal use. We provide a wide range of products, pallets and boxes manufactured from different materials, such as presswood and plywood pallets and containers, plastic pallets and containers, aluminium and metallic pallets and containers, wooden pallets and boxes; and packaging components such as lids, wedges, reels, interlayers, designing the fixation or transport component when necessary. 

We stress our presswood pallets suitable for exportation, pest and moisture free and no need of additional treatments, according to the Phytosanitary ISPM15 Regulations.

Presswood pallets are highly used in exportation, they are transport and storage price competitive, ecological, hygienic and they stand out by their quality finishes. Please refer to Why presswood pallets? and find out all our value-added pallets for logistics and/or packaging.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an offer or samples, no strings attached. We will help you find the best solution.

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