ECO PLASTIC PALET, new range of Inka Palet

Inka Palet

Still do not know the ECO PLASTIC Pallets of INKA PALET SL produced with 100% post consumer packaging?

Do you know the NEW range ECO PLASTIC PALET of INKA PALET S.L. produced with 100% post consumer packaging?
From your used packaging to our pallets. It is time to close the circle.
We offer you our range of mini pallets 300 × 400 mm., 600 × 400 mm. and now also in the half pallet of 600 × 800 mm. And the most interesting thing is that they are made 100% with post-consumer domestic packaging, and specifically from the mixed plastic ETMR fraction that we collect through the yellow container.
If you need more information or samples, do not hesitate to contact us.