F46 600X400

From 5,63€

  • Measures (mm)
    • 400x600x120
  • Tare (Kg)
    • 2,5
  • Dynamic load capacity (Kg)
    • 250
  • Static load capacity (Kg)
    • 750
  • Shelving load capacity (Kg)
    • -
  • Important
    • The mentioned load capacities are based both on experience and on tests carried out in which the load is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the pallet at constant temperatures of 20º. The result may vary depending on specific requirements. We reserve the right to change any information given.

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Light, compact and resistant, without nails or screws, with a constant weight and less than that of a wooden pallet.

Perfectly nestable (saving space and storage, handling and transportation costs).

Hygienic: closed transport platform that protects the product against moisture and dirt.

Suitable for exports, it does not require additional treatments (NIMF15 - ISPM15 certifications available).

Optional pallet with skids.

Product weight: 2,5 kg.