The majority of INKA pallets have 4 entries which make it easier to be picked up by forklift or pallet trucks from any of the four sides (Display pallets 600 x 800 mm included). This fact facilitates the load and unload of lorries, containers and carriages. Thus, INKA pallets are the ideal element for internal transportation and storage.

INKA pallets are available in many sizes, mainly multiple from the EUR size 800*1200, and with different freight capacities, in order to support from 250 kg to 1,250 kg.

INKA pallets are very economical thanks to its starting price and the costs saving they mean. They are always available in stock to guarantee a quick service immediate delivery.

INKA pallets are manufactured in our Oberrot factories (Baden-Württemberg, Germany) and Ermelo (Holland) under the patented technology by “Werzalit”. In this process, the timber sub product is selected, reduced to chip form and dried. The dried chips are then glued with urea resin and then pressed into shape at great pressure and high temperatures. Other testing machines ensure quality assurance.

Pallets gather the security and design requirements. This was confirmed by the German organism TÜV Südwest (German Technical Control Board).

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