INKA pallets do no require additional treatments against timber parasites for exportation like Australia, New Zealand, USA, China, Canada, Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, etc.

We provide the corresponding certificates to present at the countries customs which do demand them.

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  • It does not require additional treatments in exportation which do.
  • Lightweight pallet, with a freight capacity up to 1,250 kg.
  • It is adaptable to all means of transport, both national and international.
  • Its weight is always constant and from 3 to 4 times less than conventional pallets.


  • INKA pallets are totally dry, light tare weight and they can be adapted to all means of transport.
  • INKA pallets can be adapted to the containers dimensions.
  • INKA pallets are perfect for exporting your products to USA, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc. as they do not need additional treatments against timber parasites.

For further information, you can refer to these international websites:

 Current regulations according to countries:

australiaAustralia / New Zealand:

For its insular position, the “fifth continent” has restrictive requirements which oblige, in many cases, to put the imported products in quarantine. The local authorities oblige all timber importations, wooden pallets included, to be treated to prevent the entry of timber parasites in the country. Nowadays, Sirex fly does not exist in Australia. For this reason, AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) obliges senders and consignees who use timber pallets to certify these pallets have been treated agains possible parasites. This treatment must be done in the previous 21 days of the shipment and it must be done by gasification or impregnation. These treatments suppose an economical and time cost for the company.

INKA pallets avoid you all this. For its manufacturing process, AQIS certifies them as treated. Thanks to this, your company, as sender or consignee, can pass the customs inspection without extra costs or delay. All you need is a certificate issued by INKA. The same happens with New Zealand.  


Since the 1st of January 1996, the American authorities are planning how to prevent the entry of timber parasites to the country. For this reason, they announced controls to detect possible parasites and fines to the merchandises which would not obey them, apart from the corresponding delays.

INKA pallets provide certificates from APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) with which they are allowed to be imported without a problem.


The Chinese authorities also oblige the treatment of pallets. This treatment needs to be tested through certificates issued by the Plan Protection Agency. Thanks to being manufactured at hight pressure and temperature, INKA pallets exportations have no problems.


Since the Law of 5th July 1996, the authorities ask for a plan protection certificate before the entry of the pallets manufactured in new and re-used timber. The Mexican importers are obliged to show evidence that the imported timber contains no parasites.

mapamundiBrazil, Chile, Argentina and other countries:

If your shipments are to other countries where there can be similar restrictions, you will avoid risks if you use INKA pallets. Its manufacturing process guarantees the sterilisation from parasites which can be found in timber.