Inka Palet S.L. offers all the range and different types of pallets existing in the market.

We consolidated the presswood pallet in the market to enhance products export, meeting the Phytosanitary ISPM15 Regulations and avoiding extra treatments.

We have widened our product portfolio with pallets manufactured from different materials, such as plastic, aluminium, metal, wood, fiberboard, carton and the certified EUR wooden pallet.

Inka Palet S.L. is flexible to all kind of sizes and materials, according to our customers needs. All in all, to offer a diverse range and types of pallets to meet our customers requirements.

Thus, Inka Palet S.L. is specialised in pallet manufacturing in the packaging and logistics industry.

Please contact us for custom-made sizes in any kind of material if you cannot find the optimum pallet for your shipments, transportations and packagings from our wide range of products.