Caja de madera contrachapada / Plywood

Plywood box

Plywood and fiberboard boxes in foldable format are suitable for export. No need of extra treatments or additional fumigations, according to the Phytosanitary ISPM15 Regulations, they become the optimum packaging for your shipments by sea, land or air transport.
Available in different widths to protect better your merchandises according to your needs.

Manufactured in standard sizes 400×600, 600×800, 800×1200 and 1000×1200 mm and in custom-made sizes with different heights.

INKA PALET S.L. presents its new wooden boxes with hot treatment, made by retainers, wooden collars with hinges in foldable format, suitable for exportation according to ISPM15 regulations..

Manufactured in standard sizes 600×800, 800×1200 and 1000×1200 mm and in custom-made sizes in different heights of 200 mm and 400 mm, and optional lid.

Ideal for any kind of industry, re-usable and easy to assembly, printed company logos are an option if required.

Inka Palet S.L. supplies its own rigid or self-assembly wood box thanks to the plastic squares which facilitate assembly and disassembly, minimising the recovering costs in internal logistic circuits or among companies.

The boxes can be produced in custom-made sizes, both the base (width and length) and height.

It is composed by a base pallet with 4 sides and a lid. They can be manufactured in different formats and thicknesses according to the capacity and the kind of load to transport.

They can also be reinforced by interior corners to provide more resistance on the vertical stacking.

Ideal for protecting, storing and transporting your product safely to its final destination.

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