EPS812 – European Expanded Polystyrene Pallet 800x1200mm

Lightweight and economical pallet manufactured in rigid foam of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).

 Technical data


Dynamic capacity

Tare weight

EPS Density 30gr/l

300 kg

1.3 kg

EPS Density 60gr/l

600 kg

2.6 kg


Ø      Lightweight, economical, mechanical and chemical resistance.

Ø      Hygienic and innocuous (meets the ISPM15 regulations for exportation).

Ø      100% recyclable.

Ø      Easy-handling.

Ø      Possibility to recover it with polythene (PE) film for a greater life span.

Ø      Available in other sizes: 400x600mm, 600x800mm.