Compact fiber Slip Sheets are the optimal solution to reduce volumes, weight and, of course, costs in shipping, storage and handling operations.

Thanks to its cost, between 4 and 5 times lower than that of traditional pallets, its robustness and lightness, and its lower volume, Slip Sheet allows the best use of space in shipments, reduces transport costs and optimizes management internal warehouse.

Slip Sheet eliminates common pallet-related problems such as protruding nails, clogged doorways, oversized products or faulty construction, thus eliminating the leading causes of material damage claims. With Slip Sheet even the problem of fumigation of wood is solved, a procedure required in many countries.

Available in single or multi-way versions; reinforced for special applications, lined with non-slip or protective material against moisture, with corners that can be nested to form a tray. Slip Sheet can also be made in bespoke versions to suit any strength and handling need. Slip Sheet is manufactured with layers of 100% virgin kraft cardboard and waterproof adhesive, with a method that optimizes longitudinal and transverse resistance, avoiding possible jerks that would force the merchandise to be unloaded manually.

Slip Sheet can be used immediately with a simple adaptation of traditional forklifts, easily reversible with a few simple steps.